El Refugio

This cabin deserves a special mention and its unique place within the project, for many reasons.
It is located in the middle of the nature park, outside the village, and can be reached by a beautiful forest path, a few kilometres long and only accessible by foot.

The cabin looks out onto a large, winding meadow, framed by mountains, and is kept in an impeccable state by the careful eyes and hands of its former owner, Josefa, and her family, as has always been the way.

It is a place of peace and recollection, of contemplation, where you can hear the Xiblu waterfall from afar.

Fortunately, as it is a nature park and enjoys maximum protection, it can never serve as a house or a rural accommodation, but it will be a place that we will visit in small groups, enjoying the walk to and from, the views, the sounds and smells of nature, the silence and peace.

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